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  1. The author's family name is "Tan" (pronounced as "Chen" in standard Mandarin Chinese), and friends call him "Wee Cheng".  In Asia, family names are usually spelled first before personal names.
  2. The author welcome all comments (apart from those listed in point 3 below) and suggestions, especially encouragement and constructive criticisms. However, due to time constraints, the author cannot guarantee any reply to emails received. He hopes that visitors appreciate this and he apologises for any disappointment caused.
  3. The tales and opinions expressed on this site are the author�s and by their very nature, personal and opinionated. You may not agree with them and you are welcomed to voice them by writing to the author. However, if the intention is to pick a fight, such efforts should be directed to soc.culture newsgroups and any of the numerous mailing list discussion groups on the internet. The author ignores anyone who furl insults and vulgarities.
  4. The author has a full-time profession not related in any way to his websites, and he is very busy most of the time.  He is neither a travel agent nor internet professional.  I repeat, HE IS NOT A TRAVEL AGENT!  As such, he reserves the right not to offer advice to anyone who does not perform his/her reserach prior to writing.  He apologizes for that.  Any one looking for updated travel information is advised to do a search on Yahoo search engine, or visit the Lonely Planet website first before writing.  The author is a great fan of Lonely Planet guidebook series and advise all to read these guidebooks before asking the author any travel-related questions.
  5. The author does not assist in school projects.

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